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Yealink W56H handset with Base


Yealink W56H Handset with Base: Enjoy seamless communication with this wireless DECT handset. Boasting HD audio, a vibrant 2.4-inch color screen, and an ergonomic design, it provides freedom of movement within a 50-meter range. With long battery life, efficient call management, and easy setup, it’s your go-to solution. The included base station ensures stability and serves as a convenient charging dock. Upgrade your communication experience with the Yealink W56H for reliable, high-quality calls.

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Stay connected with the Yealink W56H, a reliable and feature-rich wireless handset designed to enhance your communication experience. This handset comes with a sleek and ergonomic design, ensuring comfort during prolonged use.

Key Features:

  1. HD Audio Quality: Enjoy crystal-clear conversations with high-definition audio, providing exceptional sound quality.
  2. Wireless Freedom: With DECT technology, the W56H offers a wireless range of up to 50 meters indoors, allowing you to move freely while staying connected.
  3. Large Display: The handset features a vibrant 2.4-inch color screen, providing an intuitive interface for easy navigation and access to essential functions.
  4. Long Battery Life: Experience extended talk time with the long-lasting battery, ensuring that your handset is ready when you need it.
  5. Enhanced Compatibility: Seamlessly integrate the W56H with Yealink IP DECT solutions for a comprehensive communication system.
  6. Efficient Call Management: Take advantage of features such as call hold, call transfer, and three-way conferencing for efficient call handling.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: The handset’s user-friendly design and simple configuration make it easy to set up and use, saving you time and effort.

Base Station: The included base station ensures a stable connection and serves as a convenient charging dock for your W56H handset. Simply place the handset on the base to recharge and keep it ready for your next call.

Upgrade your communication experience with the Yealink W56H Handset and Base – a reliable, feature-packed solution for businesses and individuals alike.


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