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Montavue 8MP Wide Lens Camera


Montavue 8MP Wide Lens Camera (Model MTT180): Unmatched clarity and coverage for comprehensive surveillance.

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Experience expansive surveillance vision with the Montavue 8MP Wide Lens Camera (Model Number: MTT180). Boasting an impressive 8MP resolution and a wide-angle lens, this advanced camera leaves no detail unnoticed.

Designed for monitoring large areas, the Montavue MTT180 delivers exceptional coverage without compromising image clarity. Its wide lens design captures more of your surroundings, providing powerful security and situational awareness capabilities.

Installation is a breeze, and the camera’s cutting-edge technology ensures comprehensive surveillance. Whether for residential or commercial use, the Montavue 8MP Wide Lens Camera offers unparalleled clarity and coverage, enabling you to stay connected to your space like never before.



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