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Montavue 8-CH NVR with 10TB HDD


Montavue 8-Channel NVR offers 10TB storage – Model MNR8080-8 provides seamless surveillance management and secure video retention.

Experience uncompromising surveillance capabilities with the Montavue 8-Channel NVR, model MNR8080-8. This advanced NVR system offers not only seamless connectivity for up to 8 channels but also an impressive 10TB storage capacity, ensuring your valuable footage is securely stored.

Designed to meet your evolving security needs, the Montavue 8-Channel NVR MNR8080-8 provides a reliable platform for managing your surveillance cameras. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, you can effortlessly monitor your residential or commercial premises.

The standout feature of this NVR is its substantial 10TB storage, ensuring ample space for extended video retention without the need for constant data management. Feel confident in the safety of your recordings, knowing that your crucial moments are well-preserved.

Trust in Montavue’s commitment to quality and performance as you take control of your security with the Montavue 8-Channel NVR MNR8080-8. Elevate your surveillance experience and ensure comprehensive coverage while storing critical footage with ease.



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