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Montavue 16-CH NVR – 20TB HDD


Elevate security with the Montavue 16-Channel NVR, offering a massive 20TB storage capacity. Model MNR8160-16 delivers seamless surveillance management and ample space for your critical footage.

Introducing the Montavue 16-Channel NVR with an impressive 20TB of storage, meticulously designed to redefine your surveillance experience. With the model number MNR8160-16, this NVR combines cutting-edge technology and ample storage capacity to ensure your security needs are not just met, but exceeded.

Boasting a generous 16 channels, this NVR provides an expansive platform to connect and manage your security cameras. From residential to commercial spaces, its versatility caters to a wide range of surveillance requirements.

The staggering 20TB storage capacity guarantees an abundance of space to securely store critical footage. Never worry about running out of room for your recordings, ensuring continuous monitoring without the hassle of frequent data management.

Designed by Montavue, a trusted name in the security industry, this NVR promises seamless integration with your surveillance network. Enjoy high-resolution video playback, efficient data organization, and user-friendly controls that put you in charge of your security environment.

The Montavue 16-Channel NVR, model MNR8160-16, is the epitome of reliability and performance. With its expansive channel capacity and remarkable 20TB storage, it empowers you to monitor your premises with confidence and clarity. Elevate your security setup today and experience surveillance like never before.



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