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30-ft IP Camera Trailer (5,000 watts)

The IP Security Camera Trailer (ANU-II) represents the pinnacle of surveillance technology, offering a comprehensive solution for monitoring and security needs in various environments. The 5000 Watt Generator is designed to handle the power demands of the IP Camera Trailer effortlessly. It ensures your surveillance system remains active, even in the most challenging conditions. With its cutting-edge features and robust construction, this trailer-mounted system ensures reliable surveillance and peace of mind for operators across diverse industries.

  1. High-Resolution Imaging: Equipped with advanced technology, the monitoring device provides operators with crisp 4K high-resolution images, delivering unmatched clarity and detail for effective surveillance.
  2. 5,000-watt Generator: With a robust 5000 Watt Generator, our IP Camera Trailer guarantees uninterrupted power supply, ensuring that your security cameras remain operational around the clock. Whether you’re monitoring a construction site, event venue, or any other location, this generator provides the reliability you need.
  3. Varifocal Lens with Optical Zoom: The camera features a 4.7-94mm varifocal lens that automatically adjusts focus, enabling precise 5x optical zoom levels. This allows operators to zoom in on specific areas of interest with exceptional clarity and detail.
  4. Long-Range IR LEDs: Integrated long-range IR LEDs with a wavelength of 850 nm extend the camera’s vision up to 492 feet in low-light conditions, ensuring continuous surveillance day and night.
  5. Video Compression and Storage: The unit offloads videos in MP4 format and supports H.264 and MJPEG video compression, maximizing storage efficiency without compromising on video quality. With a generous 512GB storage capacity, operators can store extensive footage for later review.
  6. Weather-Resistant Design: Designed to withstand outdoor environments and harsh weather conditions, the IP66-rated unit resists corrosion and damage from non-corrosive liquids, ensuring reliable performance in any climate.
  7. Temperature Tolerance: Capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -22°F to 149°F, the device maintains functionality even in extreme weather conditions, providing consistent surveillance capabilities year-round.
  8. Easy Installation and Configuration: Installation is quick and hassle-free, thanks to plug-and-play functionality that automatically detects, displays, and configures system components. This streamlines the setup process and minimizes downtime for operators.
  9. Versatile Recording Modes: With multiple recording modes including Schedule, Continuous, Motion Detection, and Event recording, users can customize surveillance settings to suit their specific needs and preferences.
  10. Network Recorder Features: The remote configurable network recorder boasts a high bit rate of 40Mbps incoming and 80Mbps outgoing at up to 60fps per channel, ensuring smooth and high-quality recording of surveillance footage. Utilizes a reduced number of hardware resources, such as logic gates, to achieve efficient operation, minimize power consumption, and ensure swift encryption for Internet of Things devices.
  11. Compatibility and Connectivity: The unit supports H.265, H.264, and H.264 OVC video compression, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of devices and systems. It also features two-way audio streaming (camera dependent) and includes 9 Ethernet ports (RJ-45 interface) for seamless integration with existing networks.
  12. Comprehensive Data Management: During recording, the unit efficiently manages various data including activity logs, email notifications, event logs, event notifications, video analytics, and event search, providing operators with comprehensive oversight and control over surveillance operations.
  13. LED Strobe: The SMCU-01M31D2024Y-BN09M25D2023Y-03 features a Class A white & blue LED emergency strobe lamp as a deterrent, ensuring visibility and safety in emergency situations, enhancing the overall security of the surveillance system.
  14. Watch Tower: The telescoping three-tier steel security mast from INetwork Cams allows operators to quickly and safely deploy a reliable monitoring system in locations where elevation is required for effective coverage.
  15. 360° Rotation: The trailer assembly provides 360° rotation and a -15° to 90° angle adjustment, ensuring optimal positioning of the surveillance equipment for comprehensive coverage and monitoring of the surrounding area.
  16. Component Control Center: All electrical components are encapsulated in a CLEVER MADE LTE box, providing protection and efficient cooling for reliable operation, ensuring the longevity and performance of the surveillance system.
  17. Trailer Assembly: Mounted to a single axle trailer via six 1/2″ anchor bolts, the assembly features a rugged and waterproof LTE box, compliant with DOT/FMVSS regulations, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Applications for the IP Security Camera Trailer are diverse, including security, monitoring, live events, military operations, commercial and industrial facilities, outdoor surveillance, remote locations, and more. With its advanced features, rugged construction, and versatile design, the trailer provides reliable and effective surveillance solutions for any environment or situation, offering peace of mind to operators and users alike.

Smart Mobile Camera Unit (ANU-II) Watch Tower with IP Camera – 5′ MCU Trailer – Security Lighting

Model # SMCU-01M31D2024Y-BN09M25D2023Y-03

 Supporting Documents for this product is attached to the last page (Photos, drawings, measurements, CAD files, wiring diagrams, paint codes, etc.).

Model # SMCU-01M31D2024Y-BN09M25D2023Y-03 Telescopic 3 Tier Security Utility Pole

18 to 30’ Mobile Cam Unit

Steel Construction

Telescoping Mast

6LED Emergency Light x2

Human Detection


360 degree Rotation



3 Tire Utility Pole Specs

Watch Tower Length: 18′ to 30

Operation: (1) 1,000lbs Hand Winch

Telescopic Pole Cable: 3/16″ Aircraft Cable


Lamp: LED Strobe (White+ Blue) Emergency LED Strobe Light Specs

Dimensions: 28x113mm

Volts: 12-24V

Lumens: 1,440

Lighting Function: Warning/Strobing Simultaneous Flashing

IP Rating: IP65

LED Beads: 6


IP Camera Specs

Camera Type: IP / WIFI Camera

Camera Dimensions: 12.38″ H x 6.12″ D

Camera Weight: 6 lbs

Total Watts: 24.4 (Max)

Voltage: 24V AC

Sensor Type: CMOS

Connection: Cat 6 Ethernet

Pixels: 2.1 MP, 1920 x 1080 Resolution

Minimum Illumination:, 0 Lux w/ IR, 0.02 Lux @F1.6 AGC On

Shutter speed: 1-1/10,000s

Lens Type: 4.7-94mm Varifocal Lens

View: 58.3 (Wide) – 3.2″ (Tele)

Optic Zoom: 5x

Day/Night: ICR

Infrared Distance: 492″ (850 nm)

Video Frame-rate: 4096p @ 30fps

Video Off-load: MP4


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