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4K Cameras & Mobile CCTV

Welcome to iNetwork Cams, your trusted source for professional-grade 4K security camera installations and cutting-edge mobile CCTV trailers.

An image of a CCTV trailer with multiple cameras mounted on top. The trailer is white and stands on four wheels, making it easily portable. The cameras are pointed in different directions to provide comprehensive surveillance coverage. The CCTV trailer is equipped with advanced technology for monitoring and safeguarding construction sites, events, and temporary locations.

Customized Solutions for Your Unique Needs

We understand that each property has specific security requirements. That’s why we offer customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need cameras for a small residential property or a large commercial facility, we will design a system that maximizes coverage and meets your specific objectives.

Comprehensive CCTV Trailer Services

At iNetwork Cams, LLC., we provide a range of CCTV trailer services to cater to your specific needs:

Rental Options

We offer flexible rental options to address your surveillance requirements, ensuring you have the right equipment for the duration you need.

A sleek, 4K dome camera with advanced surveillance capabilities. The camera is mounted on a sturdy base and features a compact, dome-shaped design. Its high-resolution lens captures crystal-clear, ultra-high-definition video footage, ensuring exceptional image quality. The camera's 360-degree pan-tilt-zoom functionality allows for flexible monitoring and precise control over the viewing angle. With its state-of-the-art technology, this dome camera provides enhanced security and surveillance for a variety of indoor and outdoor environments.

On-Site Installation and Setup

Our expert team handles on-site installation and setup, ensuring seamless integration of the CCTV trailer system into your job-site security infrastructure

An icon of a bullhorn, symbolizing a loudspeaker used in a CCTV trailer. The bullhorn is depicted with sound waves emanating from it, indicating its ability to amplify audio signals for enhanced surveillance. The icon represents the audio monitoring capabilities of the CCTV trailer, enabling effective communication and alert systems.

Customizable loudspeaker

Deter unwanted activities and promote security awareness with customizable loudspeaker voice messages.

An icon depicting a running motion, representing motion detection. The icon features a figure in mid-stride, symbolizing the ability to detect movement. It conveys the concept of motion detection technology, commonly used in surveillance systems, to identify and alert the presence of any motion within its range. The running motion icon visually represents the dynamic nature of motion detection and its role in enhancing security and surveillance measures

Motion Activated Security Lights

Instantly illuminate the area with bright light upon motion detection.

A battery icon displaying the current battery level. The icon represents the power status of a device or system. It features a stylized depiction of a battery with a fill level indicator, showing the remaining charge. The battery icon serves as a visual representation of the available power and is commonly used in electronic devices to provide users with a quick reference to the battery level.


Our CCTV trailers feature a self-sustaining power generation system, including solar panels and batteries.

4K / 60 fps Cameras

Benefit from highly dynamic 4K cameras that deliver maximum video quality for precise monitoring.

CCTV Trailer Features

An ID badge icon symbolizing human detection in surveillance. The icon showcases an ID badge with a silhouette of a person. The badge represents the concept of identification, while the person silhouette signifies the detection of human presence. The icon visually represents the use of surveillance technology to identify and track individuals for security and monitoring purposes

Human Detection

Enhanced Security: By accurately detecting human presence, CCTV trailers equipped with human detection technology can effectively enhance security measures..

Navigation arrow icon representing a GPS tracker on a CCTV trailer. The icon displays a directional arrow pointing in a specific direction, indicating the presence of a GPS tracking system on the trailer. It symbolizes the ability to track and monitor the location of the CCTV trailer using GPS technology. The navigation arrow icon visually represents the trailer's GPS tracking capabilities, facilitating effective surveillance and precise tracking of its movements.

GPS Locator

Real-Time Tracking: GPS enables real-time tracking of the CCTV trailer’s location.

Microphone icon symbolizing two-way audio for security cameras. The icon depicts a microphone, indicating the capability of security cameras to transmit and receive audio signals. It represents the functionality of two-way communication, enabling users to both listen to and speak through the security camera system. The microphone icon visually conveys the concept of audio interactivity and the ability to engage in real-time communication for enhanced security and surveillance purposes.

Two-way Audio

Real-Time Communication: Two-way audio allows for instant, bidirectional communication between operators and individuals within the monitored area.

iNetCams: CCTV Trailers Optimized for Action and Stability

The battery and Wi-Fi signal capabilities of CCTV Trailers are essential factors in ensuring continuous and reliable surveillance.

Wi-Fi Signal
Battery Charge
Fully Autonomous

Business Reviews

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Satisfactory Level
mike smith
mike smith
They had my mobile cctv trailer setup within minutes! Highly recommended !!
Cody l
Cody l
Good people fair pricing best camera by far I’ve ever gotten
Al Komarek
Al Komarek
The installer was able to place the camera in a great spot and it feels nice to finally have a camera for security.

Smart Technology

Experience the remarkable features of our CCTV Trailers and elevate your security monitoring to new heights.

Tower Cams

Unlock a whole new perspective with the bird’s eye views provided by our CCTV trailers. Experience the thrill of seeing your surveillance area from a vantage point that captures every angle and detail. With our telescopic poles or masts, the cameras are elevated to offer a sweeping panoramic view, providing a comprehensive overview of your surroundings.

Robotics – AI Smart Robots 

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